5 Simple Tasks to Quickly Organize Your Home

5 Simple Tasks to Quickly Organize Your Home

It doesn’t take long for our homes to become unorganized. Every time you pin another takeout menu to the fridge, throw an old sweater in the back of a closet, or put a half-dead marker back in a drawer, you are just acquiring more and more clutter. Here are 5 easy tasks you can complete in no-time to keep your home feeling fresh and organized.

 1. Clean out junk drawer
You’d be lying to yourself if you think this doesn’t need to be taken care of. We all have that one, or maybe even two (oops), drawers in our home that we just keep throwing random things into. Take ten minutes to toss out the broken phone chargers, inkless pens, old appliance manuals and anything else that has served its time in the junk drawer.

To keep the drawer clean, place small baskets inside. This will create a designated spot to put something, or you might even decide that the item doesn’t need to be put in there at all.

2. Purge closets and dressers
As the seasons change, so do our wardrobes. Each time we head into a new season, it is a great opportunity to go through your clothes and figure out what you can throw out or donate. If you haven’t worn something in a year, get rid of it! Reorganizing your closets and dressers will have you feeling brand new.

3. Toss expired makeup and beauty products
If you’re guilty of hoarding makeup and other beauty products, start by throwing out anything that has expired. You’ll be surprised with how many of your products are dated and are no longer safe to use.

After you have gone through your products, organize them in a way that doesn’t require them to be spread across your bathroom vanity. Install shelves, use a door-hanging organizer or set up baskets to keep your beauty supplies in order.

 4. Ditch the junk mail
Old bills, takeout menus and expired coupons tend to build up overtime and can easily be forgotten. Although they might be out-of-mind, these things aren’t always out-of-sight. To clear up space on your countertops and refrigerator door, recycle any old pieces of mail that you’ve been saving over the months.

5. Clear out pantry
Do you have bags of stale cereal or old snacks hiding in the back of your cupboards? The first step to cleaning out your pantry is to throw out any expired or stale food. If you have foods that are still safe and edible, but they just do not fit your appetite anymore, you can always donate them to your local food bank. After that, you can organize your remaining items and restock your pantry with fresh foods.


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