Tips for Those Affected by Hurricanes & Storms

Tips for Those Affected by Hurricanes & Storms

Tips from Crye-Leike Insurance

Please do what is necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones.
We care about you! Please remember that safety must come first. We can repair or replace property but no one can turn back the clock after an injury.

Please do whatever you reasonably can to protect your property from damage or to mitigate any damage that occurs.
For example, if your roof is damaged, have a tarp placed over the damaged roof to limit water intrusion into your home. Nearly all insurance policies require that the policyholder take all reasonable steps to minimize their loss.

Call Us  877-797-7210 – Don’t become a victim of assignment of benefits fraud and abuse.

Call your agent or insurance company as soon as you become aware of a possible loss.

Some repair companies may try to convince you to sign an Assignment of Benefits (AOB) and begin repairs before calling us. An AOB is a contract between you and a third party – typically a contractor, roofer, or water mitigation company – giving them the right to deal directly with your insurance company and to receive payment for your claim. In some instances, this could result in a loss of coverage, leaving you holding the bill.

  • Never sign anything related to a possible loss without first calling your agent or the insurance company.
  • Calling as soon as you become aware of or suspect any damage puts you in control of your claim and ensures repairs are completed to your satisfaction and high-quality standards.

Save all receipts and take pictures if you are safely able to do so. You can provide these to your adjuster.

If you are unable to live in your home due to damage caused by a hurricane, you can make temporary arrangements in your area or you can contact one of the following vendors for assistance:

When to expect contact

Please keep in mind that due to the high volume of calls and number of customers needing assistance, you may not receive an immediate response from an adjuster. Insurance companies are ready for storms and truly believe that serving our customers in such times of need is how to demonstrate their and our commitment to you. At the same time, we appreciate that customers with the most significant damage need the most urgent handling. Therefore, as claims are received, companies are working diligently to review each one and contact customers with the greatest impact first. These claims will be addressed immediately.

Typically, a company representative will contact customers within the first 24 hours after a claim is reported and, in all cases, companies strive to ensure customers are contacted within 72 hours.

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