Video Series: 2017 Sales by Region

Welcome back to Crye-Leike Insights! Each week, we share tips, stories, and wisdom from our Crye-Leike family. Harold Crye and Dick Leike recently finished traveling each of our regions over the mid-south to celebrate another great year for Crye-Leike!

Atlanta  Region

  • $274 Million Sales Volume
  • 1134 Units Closed

Central  AR  Region

  • $718 Million Sales Volume
  • 4525 Units Closed

Central  MS  Region

  • $155 Million Sales Volume
  • 915 Units Closed

Chattanooga  Region

  • $429 Million Sales Volume
  • 2207 Units Closed

Huntsville  Region

  • $313 Million Sales Volume
  • 1441 Units Closed

Knoxville  Region

  • $301 Million Sales Volume
  • 1611 Units Closed

Memphis  Region

  • $1.9 Billion Sales Volume
  • 9113 Units Closed

Nashville  Region

  • $1.3 Billion Sales Volume
  • 4991 Units Closed

Northwest  AR  Region

  • $468 Million Sales Volume
  • 2520 Units Closed

Crye-Leike  Franchises

  • $636 Million Sales Volume

Company  Wide

  • $6.5 Billion Sales Volume
  • 32583 Units Closed
More About  Crye-Leike
Crye-Leike is a full service real estate company founded in Memphis in 1977. Today it’s the nation’s 5th largest real estate company and the largest serving markets in Tennessee, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, and across the Mid-South. Crye-Leike has a network of more than 3,200+ licensed sales associates, 600+ staff members and over 125+ branch and franchise offices located throughout a nine-state region of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

Check in next week for more Crye-Leike Insights.