Video Series: Dick Leike on His Career in Real Estate

In our new video series Crye-Leike Insights, we will share tips, stories, and wisdom from our Crye-Leike family. Dick Leike, Crye-Leike Co-Founder and President, is featured in this week’s episode. Dick shares his reasons for getting into the real estate business.

Dick Leike on Starting a Career in Real Estate

“My theory was, that if I got into real estate sales, I’d be the only one that I could blame for my earnings…”

Dick’s Reasons for his Career in Real Estate

  • You are paid commensurate with your efforts
  • You can make profit, not money
  • You can do things your own way
  • You are a true entrepreneur

About Dick Leike, Co-Founder and President of Crye-Leike

Dick Leike started Crye-Leike with his partner, Harold Crye, in 1977. Since then, their company has become the 5 largest privately owned real estate company in the US. You can visit his website at or follow him on LinkedIn at

Check in next week for more Crye-Leike Insights.

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