About Memphis, TN

About Memphis, TN

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Memphis, Tennessee was founded in 1819 on the site of an early fort for French and Spanish explorers. By 1840, it had grown to become a vital trading center with a busy river port. It’s also one of the few cities to escape serious damage during the Civil War.

Of course, Memphis is more famous for the role it played in launching Elvis Presley’s career. He discovered his calling in the bluesy Beale Street scene and would go on to change American music forever. He was followed by other Memphis music greats like Johnny Cash, BB King, and Muddy Waters.

Memphis, like most major Southern cities, was also a touchpoint in the Civil Rights movement. It emerged from the shadow of those days to become a vibrant community of over 1 million people, but it never lost its Southern roots and Southern beauty. It hosts the annual “Memphis in May” celebration, which features a music festival, the world barbecue championship, international week, and a night of classical music with the picnic Sunset Symphony. Only in Memphis can so many different celebrations occur at one time and its one of the reasons so many residents call it home.

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Information on Memphis Education – Public and private schools offer first-rate and varied opportunities for students from kindergarten through high school. Beyond that, training in vocational and technical areas, liberal arts education, and professional fields is offered at the area’s many colleges and universities.

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