Crye-Leike Partners With Insight Short Sales To Help Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure

MEMPHIS, TN, – With an ever growing number of homes headed for foreclosure, Realtors feel more compelled to change their approach to business in order to meet the demands of the new ?traditional’ real estate market and help struggling property owners avoid the experience of a foreclosure.


That’s exactly the goal and mission for many Crye-Leike Realtors in Little Rock and Memphis who have already been helping many struggling homeowners by assisting them with a short sale.


While assistance with buying foreclosures is important to home buyers, sellers can also benefit when their listing agent understands the short sale process, foreclosure prevention methods and creative financing options to open up the market to more buyers who can qualify for the purchase.


Many struggling homeowners have never heard about the benefits of a short sale and assume that foreclosure is their only option.


Crye-Leike Realtors in Little Rock and Memphis are reaching out to those homeowners and are empowered to assist them now more than ever before with Crye-Leike’s new partnership with Insight Short Sales.


“In today’s market about 30 to 40 percent of all home sales are foreclosures and a significant number of those are short sales,” said Crye-Leike General Manager Steve Brown. “Many of our agents have the training and expertise to handle short sales and we encourage them to continue doing that. Our new partnership with Insight Short Sales will give those agents who have not been trained or would prefer to allocate their time in other areas access to the software, tools and guidance from an expert company whose associates deal with the short sale process on a daily basis.”


Crye-Leike’s arrangement with Insight is exclusive in Tennessee and the partnership in the state will be kicking off first in Memphis; however, many of Crye-Leike agents in Arkansas have already had great success in closing short sales with Insight while helping sellers save their home from foreclosure and helping buyers purchase a nice house below market price.


“After using Insight Short Sales to coordinate for me, I know they are an agent’s very best chance for a successful short sale.  They are true experts in the short sale process and they’ve never failed to close a short sale for my sellers,” said Crye-Leike Little Rock Realtor Mary Trent. “When you can turn a seller’s potential of financial ruin into a bump in the road, that is a real feeling of accomplishment and satisfac?tion that you won’t feel in a usual real estate transaction.”


Insight Short Sales has been glad to assist many Crye-Leike Agents in Little Rock with a successful short sale. Co-founder and Senior Partner Mark Hill attributes Insight’s success to its associates having a unique depth of experience and a combined total of 12 years working with short sales and coordinating with lenders.


“We are excited to be moving Insight into Tennessee in a joint effort with Crye-Leike, REALTORS,” said Hill. “We’ll be focusing on the Memphis market first and working together to save as many homeowners from foreclosure as possible. We are in a great position to combine our talents and help many homeowners.”


Hill believes Crye-Leike Agents in Memphis will be able to reach out to help many struggling homeowners who don’t understand foreclosure is not their only option and will secure more listings with Crye-Leike’s exclusive deal with Insight.


“At Insight, we believe that a vast majority of homeowners facing foreclosure will find their best solution to their problems by seeking the help of a licensed real estate agent to guide them through their options,” said Hill. “We help those agents help their homeowners by taking the burden of communicating with the lenders on average a total of 38 contacts seeking approval for a short sale.”


Hill also explains that Crye-Leike’s Agents will benefit from Insight’s newly improved Resource Center where they will find educational tutorials and learning modules, documents to complete a short sale and all the help and guidance they’ll need to be successful.


“Our Resource Center also allows agents and their homeowners to be updated on every aspect of what’s happening with their short sale,” said Hill. “Agents will be notified on every effort that’s being made to facilitate the short sale with the lenders and will receive updates on the progression of their sale immediately as they happen.”


Although Crye-Leike’s partnership with Insight currently only exists for its Memphis and Little Rock agents, Crye-Leike hopes to make Insight’s expertise and benefits available to its other agents soon.


“We are pleased to have a new exclusive arrangement with Insight in Memphis, Tennessee since we know our Little Rock agents have had great success working with Insight for many months now.” said Brown. “We look forward to working with Insight in most of our other regions in the near future.”


More About Insight Short Sales

Mark Hill and Steve Childress founded Insight Short Sales in Little Rock, Arkansas during 2009. Insight Short Sales actively engages and coordinates short sales with all the major lending institutions on behalf of the homeowner and listing agent. Their team brings a wealth of experience together with an impressive track record of successfully coordinating short sales with the nation’s leading lending institutions.

Through applied knowledge and working in partnership with attorneys, Realtors and title companies, Insight leaves no stone unturned to secure the lender’s approval for a short sale. More information is available at


More About Crye-Leike, REALTORS

Harold Crye and Dick Leike established Crye-Leike, REALTORS in 1977. Today, Crye-Leike?, the nation’s 6th largest real estate company, has a network of more than 3,600 licensed sales associates based out of 130 corporate and franchise offices located through-out the nine-state southern region of Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina and Oklahoma.


Crye-Leike is a full-service real estate company offering buyers and sellers services in: residential and commercial sales, mortgage, title, insurance, business brokerage and investments, property management, development and construction, builder resources, REO bank-owned properties, relocation, auctions, and home services. In 2009, Crye-Leike attained a sales volume in excess of $3.9 billion with 24,983 homes sold. More information is available at


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