Never too late to own – Couple take advantage of tax credit, market – The Daily News Journal, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA






June 28, 2009


Mark Adkison sat cozily on the couch, his arm wrapped lovingly around his wife, Diane. She giggled, her eyes twinkling at him.


Though the two seem like newlyweds, they’ve been married for 32 years. The source of joy for this couple was the purchase of their very first home.


Both in their 50s, Mark and Diane said buying a home wasn’t high on their list of priorities for years. At the start of their marriage, Mark served in the military, which caused them to move frequently. Combined with two college-bound children and ever-changing employment, the Adkisons decided money was better spent elsewhere.


However, once their son purchased his own home shortly after getting married, they decided now was the time to do the same.


“I asked Diane, ‘Can you believe our son bought a home before we did?'” Mark said laughing.


With the $8,000 tax credit instituted through the federal government economic stimulus plan and the current housing market favoring the buyer, the couple decided now was the time.


With a Veteran’s Administration loan and the first-time homebuyers incentive, Mark and Diane got the ball rolling.


“But we still had to find the right home within the right price range,” Mark continued. “When we rented, it wasn’t always what I liked, but when I wanted to buy, I wanted it to be nice.”


That’s where Ben Benjamin, a Lebanon-based Crye-Leike Realtor, came into play. For months, he showed the Adkisons various homes across five counties.


Because the majority of purchasing decisions are made by women, Benjamin needed to know what Diane was looking for in a home. All she wanted was a sprawling front porch.


“My mother told me I’d have to settle, but Diane never settles,” Diane said.


Benjamin couldn’t agree more.


“That’s one thing they made clear ? that they didn’t want to settle,” Benjamin said. “I said, ‘You shouldn’t have to settle.”


And they didn’t.


While searching online one weekend, Diane found a quaint house with a huge front porch, but it was located near Bell Buckle, on the Rutherford and Bedford County border. As she works in Green Hills and Mark works in Smithville, they both thought it was too far away.


That is, until they actually saw it.


“We drove through the subdivision, and when we turned the corner, she said, “Oh! That’s it!'” Mark remembered.


“We got around the curb, and I said, ‘That’s it!'” Diane chimed in, finishing Mark’s sentence. “We pulled in and, Mark said, ‘I love the yard.'”


The next morning they called Benjamin.


“I’d already pre-written up the contract before she even walked in the door,” he recalled. “That’s the way it goes almost every single time. They see it, and they know it.”


Mark and Diane officially moved into their new home a week ago today. They’ve met their neighbors, sat on the porch and made themselves at home.


“We’re just two simple people who raised and family and now have time for themselves,” Mark said.


“I’m going to like it here,” Diane added. “The house is small enough for us and big enough that if the kids come to visit, we won’t be crowded.”


Then she mused aloud, “We don’t have to give them a key, do we?”