Memphis Business Catches American Idol

Reported By: Lauren Johnson

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – It’s not what you expect to see, or hear, inside the Crye Leike Memphis offices.

The stage is set, the signs are up, and the judges are seated. A handful of contestants are taking the stage in the real estate company’s fun-filled version of American Idol.

After his performance, one contestant, Larry Mivelaz, says “it’s been 13 years since I’ve done those songs, but hopefully it turned out alright. I enjoyed it. I really did.”

The singers all added their creative touches to their performances. Some changed up the lyrics to familiar songs, while some rocked the offices, and others slowed it down with more mellow music.

So what did the three look-alike judges think?

The Paula look-alike describes it by saying “I just thought it was magical. I’m just blown away by the talent in this company.”

Serious Simon says “you know I really think we’re going to need to go to another location to find some talent. Maybe out to Cordova where Alexis Grace lives.”

Soon after that, Alexis graced the crowds with a short visit. Proud fans welcomed their Memphis contestant with cheers.

“I’m really honored these people asked me to come here, and it feels great to see all of your fans who supported you throughout the show,” says Alexis Grace.

Grace says she’s been busy since returning from Hollywood. “I’m home enjoying time with my daughter, and I’m also booking some gigs around town, writing music, and shopping around for some record deals, enjoying the ride while I can.”

She admits watching the show now leaves her with mixed feelings. She has no idea who will be crowned Idol. But at this party, she knows one thing.

“I think its going to be a girl, I think a girl is going to win,” says Grace.

And she just might be right!

Tuesday night, the top 8 perform. The theme is songs from the year they were born. What will they sing? You can find out right here on FOX13 at 7:00pm.