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RISMEDIA, February 27, 2009


By Mike Parker


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“Lilo” Clacher is an agent with Crye-Leike Realtors in Cookeville, TN. She has been a Realtor for 13 years: 11 in Florida and the last two in Tennessee. But it is only in the last two years that she has succeeded online. In 2008, 75% of her leads and 17 of her sales came from her website ( No doubt, many agents would be very happy to have 17 sales closed in that terrible year, but it’s how Clacher lands listings that literally blew us away when we spoke to her recently. How she does so illustrates an often-overlooked benefit of being a true Internet Realtor: success selling homes online attracts sellers because the public knows that 84% of all homes sales begin on the Internet.


Convincing the client that you are special and an Internet success

Talk is cheap and clients know it. Simply having a website (no matter how pretty it is) doesn’t convince them that an agent dominates a marketplace online. Setting up your laptop (or, using their own desktop), however, to prove your domination enables you to show them with no uncertainty the strength of your Internet marketing and your skill set. With those tools, closing listing presentations becomes much simpler.


Clacher has a simple presentation to show her Internet dominance. First, she tells clients of the importance of the Internet in selling property today.


“Surprisingly,” she says, “many clients already know that a strong Internet presence is necessary, but most have never seen it proven right in their living rooms. The first thing I do is ask them to enter ?Cookeville TN Real Estate’ (or another of the towns I sell in) into their favorite search engine. Because I come up on page one of all of them, they immediately get the point that anyone looking for property in Cookeville online has a chance at coming to my website. Then, using my WebReporterTool, I show them statistics about my site and what it does for my clients. I show them how 4902 people found my site on the first pages of the major search engines in the last year. I show them that 50% of the visitors to my site come from search engines, meaning that we aren’t limited to just the local marketplace when selling their home, but that people from all over look on my site. I open a chart that shows that while I had 9600 page views from Tennessee in recent months, that I had 8900 from Florida, 4100 from VA, 3900 from New York and even 2700 from California. They immediately understand that there is a whole large group of homebuyers on the Internet that would never find them without the services of an Internet realtor. And then, I pull out my secret weapon, and close the listing! Since I started this, I have won seven listings.”


Clacher’s ?secret weapon’

Remember, she has just spent a few moments enthralling her prospects with evidence of her Internet strengths and attractiveness. With the stage thus set, she turns on her StatCaster feature on her WebReporterTool, which shows -live, as it happens-every visitor to her site, where that visitor is from, and how many page views her site has had so far that day. Thus, the client’s attention is seized by this little box on the bottom of her laptop and sure as shooting, while they watch, visitors come onto Clacher’s site right in front of them! “It never fails to trigger a conversation about how I sold someone’s home they know to a person from out of state,” Clacher told me, “and that’s when they are convinced to list their home with me.”


Clacher uses simple technology but knows that it’s personal service that makes one successful.


There’s no question that my success online has a lot to do with my CompassSearch subscription, Clacher told me. “After all, before I subscribed I could get no higher than page 14 of Google. Once I subscribed I was on page one of Google within six weeks and sold my first home from my subscription seven weeks after I signed up. But a recent transaction also reminded me of how important all of our traditional skills are in succeeding with accounts,” she said.


“A couple from Florida was working with me. I must have sent them dozens of listings via e-mail and answered hundreds of questions the same way. I took extra pictures of I don’t know how many homes. Something was always wrong and we just couldn’t seem to focus on any one home. Finally the couple visited Tennessee and I sold them a large home. After signing the contract, my buyers told me that they tried to contact other Realtors in my town; one who had even been recommended to them by a friend. The reason they chose me, according to my military buyers, was ?that you never gave up and you answered every question we asked in a very prompt manner. Some people we contacted never even wrote us back or called us, and others seemed to think we were running them around. You were always there and we knew that you would see us through this to completion.'”


Clacher made a logical decision to become an Internet Realtor

“My business today comes from all over the country and mostly through my website, because two years ago (after moving from Florida as a very successful agent with a team) I realized that it would take a long time for me (as the newcomer to my area here in Tennessee), to be accepted. I had to do something to create business for myself and started to research my options. I was reading and studying about SEO and knew that this was the tool I needed in order for my website and me to be found and recognized by people looking for homes online. I interviewed several SEO companies and that is when I found CompassSearch/Blackwater. I was so impressed with the company’s customer service, management tools and determination to get me top placement that I went with them two years ago, and I am sure glad that I did.”


“I view my sales results as a reflection of my dedication and commitment to providing the best service possible while working with each of my clients. Success, I believe, is not in the number of deals I close, but in the way I deal with my Clients. Ultimately, it’s because my success is truly my client’s success. That is what attracted me to real estate 13 years ago, and that is what I love about it today. ”


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