Crye-Leike, Realtors Teams Up with Lifeblood: Blood Drive & Critical Response Team Planned

Memphis, Tenn. – The local blood supply is at critical levels during the summer, reports local officials, and Crye-Leike, Realtors is teaming up with Lifeblood to do something about it.

Crye-Leike has scheduled its annual company blood drive for Thurs., August 5, 2004, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Crye-Leike’s corporate headquarters located at 6525 Quail Hollow.  The public is encouraged to participate, particularly Type O and Type B donors because those types are needed the most.

Lifeblood, Mid-South Regional Blood Center is conducting the blood drive and will be placing a mobile unit outside Crye-Leike’s headquarters to accommodate walk-up traffic.

“Lifeblood, like many volunteer blood centers throughout the country, experiences a decrease in blood donations during the summer and holiday months when regular blood donors are either out of town or out of their normal routines,” said Bernadine Jackson, community affairs representative of Lifeblood. “We are encouraging businesses, like Crye-Leike, who have held blood drives in the past to hold another one this summer. And, of course, we’d like to have new businesses come on board, too.”

If you are a business organizing a blood drive for the first time, Lifeblood asks that you identify a minimum of 25 volunteer blood donors before requesting a blood drive. Lifeblood offers a mobile blood unit that is self contained and is parked in front of the business sponsoring the drive. Or, they can set up a blood drive inside a conference room or cafeteria.

“Lifeblood makes it very easy to donate by providing companies with simple directions to follow in organizing a corporate blood drive,” said Joyce Friedman, Crye-Leike’s public relations director. “The whole donor process is orchestrated in such a way that there are no interruptions during a normal business day and employees are provided the opportunity and convenience of donating blood while at work. We hope that other businesses will join us in holding similar blood drives in their place of business.”

Another initiative, called the Lifeblood Critical Response Team (CRT), organized by Lifeblood to combat the continual critically low blood supplies in the region is being led by one of Crye-Leike’s own, John Linthicum, manager of Crye-Leike’s Bartlett branch office and a long-term Lifeblood donor. He is a strong advocate of the CRT program and knows first hand about Lifeblood’s problematic supply levels.

“Lifeblood strives to collect 300 pints per day to meet local patient needs,” said Linthicum. “Donating blood is simple – it takes less than an hour to help save lives in our local hospitals. Lifeblood’s volunteer donors provide about half of the 104,000 units of blood used in the area. The rest must be imported from other volunteer blood donor centers throughout the country.”

Lifeblood has taken a proactive approach to addressing the critical blood shortage by instituting this Critical Response Team, said Beena White, marketing and communications director. “We have partnered with the Memphis Area Association of Realtors (MAAR) in securing a ready and able team of blood donors from their Realtor membership who are willing to be called upon as ?first responders’ to donate when local blood supplies are at severely low levels.”

“Lifeblood’s goal with the MAAR is to secure 300 members on our Critical Response Team and more than 50 MAAR members have signed up to participate thus far,” she reported. “The blood donated by its members stays in Memphis to help local patients.”

“Lifeblood encourages everyone to consider blood donation as a public responsibility, a sign of maturity,” said Linthicum who calls being a blood donor a simple way to ?invest in a life.’  “We issue drivers’ licenses at age 16. We confer the right to serve our country in the military and vote at age 18.  The right to give blood and save others’ lives comes at age 17 and 110 pounds.”

“More people need blood than we can imagine,” said Dick Leike, president of Crye-Leike. “Lifeblood reports that every two seconds someone in America needs a blood transfusion.  That blood comes from generous neighbors who make the time to give blood because they know it saves lives.”

To donate, you must not have given whole blood in the last 56 days. There is no upper age limit for blood donation. You also must bring a driver’s license for identification.

To sign up as a blood donor at Crye-Leike’s blood drive, call its blood drive coordinator, Anita Frase, at (901) 756-8900, ext. 103. Volunteers who donate a pint of blood will receive a coupon for a free pint of ice cream or yogurt from Baskin Robbins. For more information about blood donation, call Lifeblood at (901) 522-8585.

Memphis-based Crye-Leike (, a full service real estate company for 27 years, has 19 branch and four franchise offices in eight counties throughout the regions of West Tennessee, Eastern Arkansas and Mississippi.

Lifeblood ( is an independent community blood center for the Mid-South serving local hospitals, patients and volunteer blood donors of a region with a population of 1.1 million and the eighth largest medical center in the United States. Lifeblood provides almost all of the blood used in the area for lifesaving transfusion.