Missing anything? $6,100 maybe?

Written by Linda A. Moore, reporter of The Commercial Appeal


Dave Robertson was driving on Poplar near St. George’s Episcopal Church in Germantown on Friday when he saw what looked like money blowing in the breeze.

Curious, the Crye-Leike Realtor from Collierville turned around, stopped in the turn lane and started to pluck $100 bills from the pavement.

“A lady stopped, grabbed some bills and said, ‘Here, mister, here’s your money,’ ” Robertson said.

Another motorist also stopped and helped gather what they thought was Robertson’s money.

With bills stuffed in his pockets, an envelope with more bills, along with a deposit slip, Robertson drove off and parked his car.

“I looked at the deposit slip. It was for $6,100,” he said. “As it ended up I had 61 $100 bills.”

That’s when Robertson called Sheila Vernon of Germantown to ask if she’d lost something. Robertson had identified himself as a Realtor, so she thought he was just making a sales call.

As she listened, her son Jason Vernon, 23, walked in.

“I didn’t know it had been lost,” Sheila Vernon said.

But Jason Vernon did. His mom had given him the money to deposit in the bank.

He had put the envelope with the money down on the roof of his car as he dealt with a cooler he’d left there. Then he and a college buddy drove off to return a rental trailer.

Once Jason realized the money was missing he and his friend started hunting for it, driving back along their path.

“I didn’t get nervous because when something bad happens, I get into the ‘How can I fix it?’ mode rather than the ‘I’m in trouble’ mode,” he said.

His mind was on how he’d pay the money back.

“I didn’t feel nervous until after it was all over,” he said.

So he and his mom met Robertson, collected the money and deposited it in the bank.

“Sure enough, there are good people in the world,” Sheila Vernon said.

She offered Robertson a reward, but he refused.

“I told her you can’t pay me anything,” he said. “Just pass on the favor to someone else.”