Crye-Leike Agents to Spread Patriotism during Memorial Day

Nashville, Tenn. –  Crye-Leike, Realtors, the nation’s 10th largest real estate company, is spreading the spirit of patriotism by distributing 50,000 American flags beginning the week prior to Memorial Day, a tradition it has been doing for the past 26 years.

Every Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day and Labor Day, you will find Crye-Leike sales associates out in force placing miniature American flags in neighborhood yards as their complimentary gift to honor our country’s national holidays.

“Being a part of Corporate America, it is our company’s duty to promote patriotism and this Crye-Leike tradition gives our sales associates the opportunity to participate,” said Chief Executive Office Harold E. Crye.

Judy Roark of Crye-Leike’s Mt. Juliet branch office plans to distribute 500 American flags within the Hickory Hills and Willoughby Station subdivisions the weekend prior to Memorial Day like she has been doing since 1998.

“I believe the greatest motivator for me to keep doing this each year is the heartfelt thank you’s I receive in the way of personal letters and phone calls, ” said Roark.  “That is the most gratifying part; that people take the time to say thank you.”

Gary Rabideau, managing broker of Crye-Leike’s Mt. Juliet branch office, will be distributing 500 American flags in four neighborhoods in the Mt. Juliet area: Hunters Crossing, Mt. Vernon Woods, Edgewater Estates and Glen Oaks. He does it because he feels, “It’s just the patriotic thing to do and such a beautiful sight to see when the whole neighborhood is flanked with American flags.”

To help promote Boy Scouts of America’s pledge to keep patriotism alive, Crye-Leike has the organization’s 16-page booklet, entitled The Flag Book, displayed on Crye-Leike’s Web site. The booklet offers a colorful demonstration on the correct and proper ways to honor the American flag, to fly the flag as well as to present and display the flag. Anyone can download and print it for free. That Web address is: and click on the American flag.

The Boy Scouts’ booklet contains such pointers as:

?    When displaying the American flag on a stage or platform, the national flag should be to the speaker’s right with any other flag on the speaker’s left.

?    When wearing American flag lapel pins, they should be worn on the left lapel near the heart.

?    When a patriotic effect is desired, the American flag may be displayed 24 hours a day if properly illuminated during the hours of darkness.

?    When the national flag is worn beyond repair, burn it thoroughly and completely on a modest, but blazing fire. This should be done in a simple manner with dignity and respect. Be sure the flag is reduced to ashes unrecognizable as a former flag.

“With National Flag Day being observed only on one day, we at Crye-Leike feel that our tradition of distributing American flags helps to raise awareness and instill in Americans that they should ?make every day Flag Day,’ ” said Crye who served as president of the Chickasaw Council Boy Scouts of America in 1991.

The first national observance of Flag Day took place on June 14, 1877, 100 years after the United States flag was adopted by the Continental Congress, according to the National Flag Day Foundation. President Woodrow Wilson officially established Flag Day in 1916 and President Harry Truman signed an Act of Congress in 1949 designating every June 14 as National Flag Day.

Crye-Leike (, a full service real estate company for 27 years, is the nation’s 10th largest real estate company and the largest serving Tennessee and the Mid-South.  It has a network of over 2,800 sales associates and 71 branch and franchise offices located in 38 counties throughout a six-state southern region in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia, Kentucky and Florida.  Crye-Leike attained sales of $3.66 billion and 24,953 closed transaction sides corporate wide in 2003.