Top Producers of Crye-Leike in West Tenn. Region, Including West Memphis, Ark., Awarded Trip to San Juan

Memphis, Tenn. –  Crye-Leike, Realtors announces that 248 of its 2,800 sales associates have qualified to attend its 27th annual Sales Leaders’ Retreat, awarded each year to Crye-Leike’s top producers who have met stringent performance incentive criteria over a one-year period.

This year’s company trip is a four-day, three-night stay in San Juan, Puerto Rico from March 18-21, 2004.

“Crye-Leike is one of a select few real estate companies in the nation that rewards its top producers on this magnitude,” says Harold E. Crye, chief executive officer. “These individuals are to be commended for helping Crye-Leike achieve its annual total sales volume of $3.66 billion in 2003 which represents 24,953 closed transaction sides corporate wide.”

Those 142 Crye-Leike sales associates and corporate staff from Crye-Leike’s West Tennessee Region who qualified for Crye-Leike’s Sales Leaders’ Retreat include:

Cal & Linda Aycock, John Criswell, Lauren Criswell, Ronnie Lee and Mary Ann Tapp, all of Crye-Leike’s Arlington – Highway 64 branch office;

Josie Robinson of Crye-Leike’s Austin Peay branch office;

Patti Baggett, Steve Boysen, John Linthicum, Frances May, Ace Roberts and Marc Scheinberg, all of Crye-Leike’s Bartlett – Summer Oaks branch office, along with Patsy W. Slankard of Realty Title & Escrow Co.’s Bartlett branch office;

Charles Burress, Joy Leerskov, Jeanne Lubiani, Joyce McKenzie, Kay Paul, Ann Scott and Lisa Yendrek, all of Crye-Leike’s Collierville branch office;

Tucker Beck and Dan Whipple, both of Crye-Leike Commercial;

Cheryl Austin, Carole Ann Burns, Betty Carter, Shirley Harris, Hank Hogue, Cheryl Lamghari and Winona Williams, all of Crye-Leike’s Cordova branch office, along with Laura D. Imler of Realty Title & Escrow Co.’s Cordova branch office;        Connie Chambers and Tom & Joy Kimbrough, all of Crye-Leike’s East Memphis branch office;

Barbara & Stuart Acree, Mickey Brown, Mikki Duffey, Melinda Merkle, Pam Phillips, Dian Stanley, Sara Surratt and Sue Stinson-Turner, all of Crye-Leike’s Germantown-Exeter branch office;

Allyson Avera, Barbara Becker, Tammy Bunnell, Lucy Doane, Sherry Harbur, Lisa Harris, Dianne Hawkins, Marcia G. Hughes, Mary Jeffrey, Myra Quinley, Diane Raycher, Annie Taylor, Bob Timm, Rick Travers and Pamela Watson, all of Crye-Leike’s Germantown – Poplar branch office;

Frances Anderson, Latia M. Becton, Loura M. Edmondson and William Mitchell, all of Crye-Leike’s Hickory Ridge branch office;

John Criswell, Lauren Criswell, Ronnie Lee and Mary Ann Tapp, all of Crye-Leike’s Arlington – Highway 64/Houston Levee branch office;

Bill Malone of Crye-Leike’s Midtown branch office;

Nancy Carroll and Bradley Merritt, both of Crye-Leike’s Millington branch office;

Kent Anderson, Barbara Baxter, Felix Bishop, Vickie Blackwell, Samuel Bond, Steve Brown, Phoebe Burks, Rene B. Cave, Margie Clark, Margaret Corder, Tommie Criswell – Jones, Harold Crye, Marsha Dayton, Rick Deegler, Betty Dunn, Kevin Figg, Anita Frase, Linda Garlin, Jan Gordon, Robert Jefferson Gorman, Bill Irby, Carol Iverson, Louise Jordan, Betty Joyner, Allen Keeton, Jeanene Lawhead, Dick Leike, Judy McLellan, Stanley Mills, Linda Norton, Terry Pera, Carole Pleasants, Jennie Sampson, Mary Ann Sharpe, James Stafford, Jimmie & Bob Tapley, Elsie Ward, Chet Whitsitt, Dolly Willis, Gloria Winterowd and Amanda Wright, all of Crye-Leike’s Quail Hollow branch office;

Lyle Irish, Matthew McDonald and Donna Wilcox, all of Realty Title & Escrow Co.’s Quail Hollow branch office;

Jimmie Hopson of Crye-Leike’s Whitehaven branch office;

Carol Williams of Crye-Leike College; Scott Owen of Crye-Leike Home Services; Gurtej Sodhi of Crye-Leike’s Information Technology Division; Lynn Alford, Mark Ian Barnes, Turner Echols and Wilson H. Langston, all of Crye-Leike Insurance; Mike Frase of Crye-Leike’s Marketing Division; Tony Fletcher of Crye-Leike Property Management; Jan Harbor and Ronnie E. Raney, both of Crye-Leike Relocation Services, Brian Robinson of Crye-Leike’s Accounting Division; Anita Frase of Crye-Leike’s Administrative Division; and Jack Taylor of Crye-Leike’s Human Resources Division, all located in Crye-Leike’s Quail Hollow headquarters building; and,

Anita Bell of Crye-Leike’s West Memphis, Ark. branch office.

Crye-Leike (, a full service real estate company for 27 years, is the nation’s 10th largest real estate company and the largest serving Tennessee and the Mid-South.  It has a network of over 2,800 sales associates and 69 branch and franchise offices located in 36 counties throughout a six-state southern region in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia, Kentucky and Florida.