Crye-Leike Rolls Out Fitness & Wellness Campaign as Part of Its Corporate Culture

Fitness and wellness are becoming buzzwords at Crye-Leike because of its launch of a Fitness & Wellness Campaign that began on March 1, 2004.

CEO Harold Crye encouraged everyone at January’s Kick Off to make it their New Year’s Resolution to do something in the way of fitness and wellness. His message struck a cord among all Crye-Leike offices to take action.

Sales associates have stepped forward and volunteered to serve as coaches and assistant coaches within all Crye-Leike offices. Their mission is to empower our sales associates and employees in their offices to move toward achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through various educational programs, exercise and screenings that focus on weight loss, health, stress management and exercise.

A number of studies by the Wellness Council document that there are tangible and intangible benefits associated with establishing a company fitness & wellness program into a corporate culture. Those include: improves morale; reduces stress; promotes better management of stress; generates a new level of energy; increases productivity; helps reduce turnover and recruitment costs; boosts a company’s recruitment potential, and helps reduce absenteeism.

“Our campaign is a way for our company to show our sales associates and staff that we are interested in them as total persons,” says Crye. “We feel that Crye-Leike’s Fitness & Wellness Program will provide a needed spark of good will and will foster the all-important message of self-responsibility.”

With each Crye-Leike office being unique, Fitness & Wellness Coaches are organizing varied programs to attract the interest of many within their offices. Such programs could include: securing outside wellness and fitness experts, like registered dieticians, yoga and Pilates instructors and fitness trainers, to make presentations at sales meeting; conducting onsite classes such as aerobics classes, tobacco cessation classes, weight control classes and programs as well as nutrition or stress management classes; or organizing special interest groups such as biking, jogging or walking groups.

The campaign will conclude on August 30, 2004 where incentive awards will be presented to offices and individuals at the October Expo.

“It is our hope that establishing a corporate culture of fitness and wellness will lead to making a difference in everyone’s health and lifestyle within our Crye-Leike family,” says Joyce Friedman, public relations director.

For more information, contact Crye-Leike Public Relations at 615/373-2044, ext. 622.