Crye-Leike Agents Spread Patriotism during Memorial Day

Nashville, Tenn. –  It’s a tradition Crye-Leike, Realtors has been doing for 25 years, promoting patriotism through the distribution of American flags. Over 50,000 American flags a year, to be exact.

Whether it be Independence Day or Labor Day, Crye-Leike sales associates are always out in numbers placing miniature American flags in neighborhood yards as their complimentary gift to honor our country’s national holidays. And Memorial Day is no exception.

Here are samplings of what some Crye-Leike sales associates are doing to spread the spirit of patriotism in honor of Memorial Day, a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service.

?  Bill Jarrell, a sales associate affiliated with Crye-Leike’s Hermitage branch office, has ordered 300 American flags for distribution in the subdivisions of Roxborough and Hampton Hall. His plan is to start distributing the flags on Tues., May 20th   before Memorial Day, “So the neighborhood has time to enjoy them,” says Jarrell.

And he considers his plan “unique.” “I want to get their attention,” he exclaims. “You’ll hear the noise of my lawn mower as I ride it down the neighborhood streets. My family will be helping me hand out the flags, not on foot though, but in tow. They’ll ride in a flatbed trailer decked in American flags and hitched to the back of my lawn mower.”

?  Judy Roark of Crye-Leike’s Mt. Juliet branch office plans to distribute 600 American flags within the Hickory Hills and Willoughby Station subdivisions the weekend prior to Memorial Day and has been doing this since 1998.

“I believe the greatest motivator for me to keep doing this each year is the heartfelt thank you’s I receive in the way of personal letters and phone calls, ” says Roark.  “That is the most gratifying part; that people take the time to say thank you.”

?  Shawn Gallagher, a sales associate affiliated with Crye-Leike’s Franklin – Cool Springs branch office, likes the surprise factor the best. “I plan on placing my 600 American flags in neighborhood yards the night before,” says Gallagher. “So, when they wake up that Memorial Day morning, their whole neighborhood will be flanked with American flags.” Gallagher will be distributing his token flags within Burtonwood subdivision in Spring Hill and Pipkin Hills, Cochran Trace and Candlewood subdivisions in Williamson County.

?  Dan Hooper of Crye-Leike’s Bellevue branch office will be distributing 400 American flags in his neighborhood at The Colonies subdivision in Bellevue.  He does it because he feels, “It’s just the patriotic thing to do. And, money well spent.”

?  Traci Johnson, also from Crye-Leike’s Hermitage branch office, is placing another 300 American flags in the Hermitage area at Brandywine Pointe subdivision, an area where she lives and frequently lists and sells residential real estate.

“I have been distributing American flags to my neighborhood for many years; they now almost expect it of me,” says Johnson. “My children and I dress in red, white and blue and ride in our golf cart as we place the flags one-by-one in the yards. One time, I was distributing my flags when a woman ran out of her house dressed in her house robe and slippers and headed right toward me. I thought I was getting into trouble then for putting the flag in her yard, but she quickly exclaimed, ?I just wanted to thank you for the flag.’ ”

?  Shirley Shoemaker, a sales associate affiliated with Crye-Leike’s Hermitage branch office, distributes her 300 American flags for a different reason. She is an active volunteer with the Tennessee Special Olympics and plans to decorate the golf carts with her donated flags at the Nashville Golf Classic, to be held in Hermitage on Thurs., June 5th, where all golf tournament proceeds will benefit the Tennessee Special Olympics.

The Boy Scouts of America  recently published a 16-page booklet entitled, The Flag Book, which offers a colorful demonstration on the correct and proper ways to honor the flag, to fly the flag as well as to present and display the flag. Crye-Leike, Realtors was a sponsor of its publication in the Middle Tennessee Region and has The Flag Book posted on its Web site for anyone to download and print for free. That Web address is: and click on the American flag.

“One of the most popular ways to show patriotic support is displaying the flag of the United States of America,” says Harold E. Crye, Crye-Leike’s chief executive officer. “With National Flag Day being observed only on one day, June 14, we at Crye-Leike felt sponsorship of The Flag Book would help raise awareness and instill in Americans that they should ?make every day Flag Day. Also, our tradition to distribute American flags during national holidays makes us at Crye-Leike feel like we are doing our share as part of Corporate America to keep patriotism alive.”

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