Boy Scouts Promote Flag Book, sponsored by Crye-Leike, to Make Every Day Flag Day

Boy Scouts Promote Flag Book, sponsored by Crye-Leike, to Make Every Day Flag Day
The Boy Scouts recently launched a new booklet called "The Flag Book" to give U.S. citizens tips on the correct and proper ways to honor the American Flag. Distributing the Scout's first Flag Book to a home owner are members of each sector of the Boy Scouts, along with the sponsor of the book, Harold E. Crye, standing top right, of Crye-Leike, Realtors, and U.S. Rep. (Tenn.) Jim Cooper, standing second from right.

Nashville, Tenn. – During the month of February, you may have a Cub Scout or Boy Scout knocking at your door to give you a free copy of the Boy Scouts of America’s newly published, The Flag Book. Their mission is not to solicit funds but to conduct “a good turn,” or good deed as part of a nationwide Boy Scout public service initiative.

The booklet offers helpful tips on the correct and proper ways to honor the American flag.

“Since the tragedies of 9-11, America has seen a rebirth of patriotism,” said U.S. Representative Jim Cooper who is endorsing the flag booklet.

“Americans have sought different ways to publicly express a wide range of emotions as well as support for one another and our country after that difficult time,” said Rep. Cooper. “One of the most popular methods of showing support has been displaying the flag of the United States of America. The Boy Scouts are providing an invaluable service to this nation by educating the public on the proper display and care of the American flag, the true symbol of freedom on which our nation was founded.”

Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts of the Boy Scouts of America – Middle Tennessee Council will be distributing over 100,000 copies of The Flag Book to Middle Tennessee residents in 37 counties during the month of February, made possible through a corporate sponsorship by Crye-Leike, Realtors and its chief executive officer Harold E. Crye.  Cyre is a long-time supporter and volunteer of the Boy Scouts who is the recipient of the Silver Beaver Award for distinguished service to youth from the Chickasaw Council and National Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

“With National Flag Day being observed only on one day, we at Crye-Leike felt sponsorship of The Flag Book would help raise awareness and instill in Americans that they should ?make every day Flag Day,’ ” said Crye who served as president of the Chickasaw Council Boy Scouts of America in 1991.  “Crye-Leike salutes the Boy Scouts for their public service efforts in bringing home the message.”

The first national observance of Flag Day took place on June 14, 1877, 100 years after the United States flag was adopted by the Continental Congress, according to the National Flag Day Foundation. President Woodrow Wilson officially established Flag Day in 1916 and President Harry Truman signed an Act of Congress in 1949 designating every June 14 as National Flag Day.

The Boy Scouts’ 16-page booklet provides a colorful demonstration on the correct and proper ways to honor the flag, to fly the flag as well as to present and display the flag. Such pointers include:

?    When displaying the American flag on a stage or platform, the national flag should be to the speaker’s right with any other flag on the speaker’s left.

?    When wearing American flag lapel pins, they should be worn on the left lapel near the heart.

?    When a patriotic effect is desired, the American flag may be displayed 24 hours a day if properly illuminated during the hours of darkness.

?    When the national flag is worn beyond repair, burn it thoroughly and completely on a modest, but blazing fire. This should be done in a simple manner with dignity and respect. Be sure the flag is reduced to ashes unrecognizable as a former flag.


Promoting patriotism is not new to Crye-Leike. “Our sales associates have been incorporating American flags into their advertising and marketing efforts since the company was founded 25 years ago,” said Joyce Friedman, public relations director of Crye-Leike.

“Our sales associates distribute thousands of American flags to their clients or to the communities they serve during all the patriotic holidays, like Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day,” said Friedman. ” However, with the nation’s post- Sept. 11 surge in patriotism, our company did notice a significant increase of over 50,000 flags distributed by our agents this past year.

The Boy Scouts’ distribution of the flag book, coupled with Crye-Leike’s use of American flags, might help raise awareness of National Flag Day, a holiday that is largely unrecognized, according to shopping mall owners/operator The Macerich Co. of Santa Monica, Calif. A Macerich survey last of 4,000 shoppers in 2000 found only a third of them knew that Flag Day is observed annually on June 14.

“Our nation has made an about-face from desensitizing the public in the commercial use of the American flag in advertising to patriotism now being in vogue again,” said Ron Turpin, director of field services for the Middle Tennessee Council, Boy Scouts of America.

“Truly, America has come back to the principles scouting never left,” “As a scouting organization, it is our responsibility to keep patriotism alive.”

If the Boy Scouts missed distributing The Flag Book in your neighborhood, you can view a copy by visiting the Boy Scouts of America’s Web site at To further encourage duplication and distribution of The Flag Book by the public and Corporate America, the Boy Scouts are extending permission to link to their site or copyright privileges to access the original document where it can be downloaded and copied for your individual or company’s distribution needs.

The Middle Tennessee Council of the Boy Scouts of America serves over 45,000 youth in the Middle Tennessee Region. The mission of the Middle Tennessee Council is to foster the character development, citizenship training and physical fitness of young people through an emphasis on outdoor program experiences, and in ways to prepare them to be responsible, contributing members of society over their lifetime by instilling values based upon those found in the Scout Oath and Law.

Crye-Leike (, a full service real estate company for 26 years, is the nation’s 13th largest real estate company and the largest serving Tennessee and the Mid-South. It has a network of over 2,300 sales associates and 62 branch and franchise offices located in 33 counties throughout a six-state southern region in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia, Kentucky and Florida. Crye-Leike of Nashville, Inc. has 20 branch and franchise offices in 10 counties throughout a two-state Mid-South region in Tennessee and Kentucky.