Crye-Leike Launches Homes Services in Chattanooga Area

Before a Crye-Leike client moves into a new home, Crye-Leike Home Services can arrange to have the utilities turned on, the yard landscaped and gutters installed or repaired.


Home Services is also available to those needing services after the move.


The free concierge service is offered to Crye-Leike clients, both buyers and sellers, and to Crye-Leike sales associates and employees. It provides access to more than 665 local and national suppliers of a broad range of home and family-related services.


Crye-Leike started Home Services in Memphis in July 2001 and expanded it to Nashville in November. Harold Crye, Crye-Leike CEO, will unveil the program to metropolitan Chattanooga area sales associates on Tuesday at the quarterly meeting of Crye-Leike of Chattanooga.


Home Services has more than 11,000 enrolled customers and has handled over 9,000 service requests in the nine-month period between September 2001 and May.


A transaction management software system and a national network, Home-Link, are the foundation of the Home Services business model. Crye-Leike is one of more than 170 residential brokers in United States and Canada licensed to use the program.


Each Crye-Leike customer is assigned a Crye-Leike Home Services coordinator, who works from a centralized call center, and has his or her own Web page. “The customer deals with a real person,” said C.F. Moore, director of Crye-Leike Home Services, and only has to make one call to arrange for services. Or services can be ordered online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


“It is very difficult for most real estate agents to be able to recommend a number of different vendors at a moment’s notice,” said Jack Webb, vice president and general manager of Crye-Leike of Chattanooga. “These questions come up every day in the real estate world.”


Through Home Services, “we have 40 or 50 different categories of vendors or service people who want to be on the list,” he said. “We now have a data base and a division of the company that handles all those services for us.”


Crye-Leike sales associate Diana Traylor daily gets requests for names of those who can supply services to homeowners, especially from people moving into the area and who are unaware of what is available.


With Home Services, “we will be able to give lists and give them options,” she said. “It is another perk we can give to our clients that is really going to be beneficial to them as well as to us.”


For a number of years, Crye-Leike “has wanted to take referrals of vendors and services off of the agents,” Mr. Moore said. That is why Home Services was created.


Bud Crain, account manager for Home Services in the Chattanooga and Nashville regions, is currently signing up service providers, known as marketing partners, in the Chattanooga area. The goal is to have two or three choices in each category, he said. The partners pay a fee to be part of Home Services and are permitted to use the Home Services logo in their marketing.


They “have an added motivation to do a good job for our customers,” Mr. Webb said. “They know we will recommend them over and over again and they will get a tremendous amount of business.” Crye-Leike follows up to see if the service is satisfactory. “We require a 98 percent satisfaction rate from our vendors,” Mr. Moore said.


Memphis-based Crye-Leike has 11 branch and franchise offices in seven counties and 280 sales associates in the greater Chattanooga area.


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