Crye-Leike Offers New Value Added Service: Business Model New to Memphis Area

Memphis, Tenn. – Crye-Leike, the nation’s 13th largest real estate company and the largest serving Tennessee and the Mid-South, announced today the introduction of a new value-added service, Crye-Leike Home Services, the first of its kind in the area for Crye-Leike customers and sales associates in Greater Memphis, Arkansas and Mississippi.¬† The announcement was made by Chief Executive Officer Harold E. Crye at a special kick-off meeting in Memphis of Crye-Leike’s 1,100 sales associates who serve West Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi.

Crye-Leike Home Services is providing home buyers and sellers, free of charge, personalized service, convenience and savings for all of the activities and transactions associated with home purchases, sales and homeownership. The division has been operational for four months. From May 1 through May 31, 2001, it conducted a beta test with selected associates in the Memphis market. The new business model combines the power of the Internet with personalized service.

“Crye-Leike is revolutionizing the way homes are bought, sold and enjoyed in today’s Memphis real estate market,” said Crye. “By using a unique transaction management software system and a national network, called Home-Link?, as the foundation for our new business model, Crye-Leike sales associates are now able to offer their customers, free of charge, access to a network of home-and family-related services, with the final result being a customer for life.”

Home-Link?, developed by real estate professionals and introduced by major residential brokerage firms, is headquartered in Shelton, CT. Crye-Leike is one of over 71 residential brokers in the United States and Canada licensed to use the Home-Link program.

“The customer will be in control of the home buying or selling process through a one-stop service,” explains C. F. Moore, director of Crye-Leike Home Services.

“Each Crye-Leike customer will be assigned a specific Crye-Leike home services coordinator who will develop and maintain a relationship with the home buyer and seller to whom they are assigned. Each Crye-Leike home services coordinator is fully integrated into the culture of Crye-Leike and part of a centralized call center. Whether buying or selling a home, registered Crye-Leike customers will receive personal, one-on-one assistance with their relocation,” said Moore.

Crye-Leike’s home services coordinator will work with the customer to schedule all moving related activities and arrange everything from mortgage financing, home inspections and warranty services to purchasing appliances, making certain utility connections are in place and obtaining home care services such as remodeling, renovation and home repairs. Customers will be offered a choice of competitively priced products and services from qualified national and local suppliers. Crye-Leike home service coordinators also will track the status and records of all customers’ purchases and measure the savings that result from using the program’s national and local marketing partners.

Every request and transaction made by a client with their Crye-Leike home services coordinator is securely recorded in their personal portfolio for future reference. The portfolio, accessible through Crye-Leike’s Web site at, also can be used for secure record keeping of homeownership papers such as warranty information and closing documents as well as expenses for tax and accounting purposes.

As a full service real estate company, Crye-Leike ( attained¬† $2.9 billion in sales in 2000 with a network of over 52 branch offices and 2,200 sales associates. Crye-Leike Home Services plans to further expand its value-added services within Crye-Leike’s Nashville and Chattanooga markets.


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